James Wolf, Co-Founder and Master Craftsman

James is Aluboo’s resident Bamboo Master, Co-Founder, and the original designer of the Aluboo.  He brings his five years building Boo Bicycles and more than twenty years experience with designing and handcrafting natural materials to production of the Aluboo.  He also handles procurement and seasoning of some of the world’s best bamboo, Vietnamese Tam Vong (also known as Iron Bamboo), for use in Boo and Aluboo frames.

James holds a degree in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and resides in Saigon, Vietnam with his wife, Lam, and their daughter Maya.  His company, Bamboo Master, has specialized in custom structural bamboo installations as well as high-end furniture, home and garden decor, and much more.



Drew Haugen, Co-Founder

Drew is an Aluboo Co-Founder.  He holds degrees from Colorado State University and Princeton University, where he studied public policy and entrepreneurship.




Nick Frey, Co-Founder

Nick Frey is an Aluboo Co-Founder and the team’s resident engineer.  He is also the Owner and Founder of Boo Bicycles, which he started in 2009 after graduating from Princeton University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He is a two-time Collegiate National Champion and has been a professional cyclist since 2009, most recently racing on his own Boos.  When not on the slopes or in the shop, he can be found on his bike.

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