The Beginning

Aluboo Bikes, Inc. was founded in the summer of 2012 as a collaboration between James, Nick, and Drew.  Based in Fort Collins, Colorado and Saigon, Vietnam, our goal is to build a great-riding bike that is beautiful, unique, and more sustainable to build, while remaining affordable for folks on a budget.

How do we know how to build bikes? James, Nick, and Drew have more than sixty combined years of experience riding, racing, and building bikes.  The bulk of this knowledge comes from Boo Bicycles, widely regarded as some of the best bamboo bikes in the world, which James and Nick have been building since 2009.



Why do we use bamboo?

1) Performance


Would you be surprised if we told you bamboo is stronger by weight than steel?  Well, it is.  But the coolest part is that bamboo is flexible: it dampens road vibrations excellently, making your Aluboo one of the smoothest-riding bikes around.

Think of the bamboo in an Aluboo frame like a great fly-fishing rod (which usually happen to be made of bamboo).  If you have a fish on the line, the rod will bend and absorb the full force of that fish fighting.  But once the fish is off the line, the rod is right back to it’s original shape.  An Aluboo frame handles rough roads the same way-it flexs and absorbs, and then pops right back into shape!

This is not to say our frames are ‘soft’-they have a stiffness comparable to Titanium.  That means great power transfer for all those hilly climbs!

2) Other bike materials are harder on the environment


Take this example: Cro-Moly, a popular bike material, is a steel that contains Molybdenum.  It is strong and affordable, but it is tough on the planet to produce.  To make Cro-Moly you have to mine Iron and Molybdenum and then smelt them at high temperatures.  Once a Cro-Moly frame is retired, it can be difficult to recycle.  There are also nasty chemicals involved in this process.

Bamboo, on the other hand, grows naturally on James’ farm-sometimes more than three feet a day!  It requires only sunlight, soil, and water to grow; all of which are plentiful in Vietnam.  It is also the second-best natural carbon sink in the world (algae on the surface of the ocean is #1): bamboo pulls carbon dioxide out of the air like it is it’s job, so the bamboo we put into Aluboos is carbon-negative.

We use Aluminum because it is strong, lighter than steel, and easy to recycle.  By using aluminum, a lot of recycled material can be put into our bike frames.

So basically…

Our bikes are smooth, unique, beautiful, and more sustainable than the other stuff.  And, unlike most handmade bamboo bikes, you can actually afford ours!

So, what are you waiting for?  Come enjoy the ride!


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