Help Us Break Our $100K Kickstarter Flex Goal!

Aluboo Fam,

Wow the Kickstarter has gone so great thanks to the support of all our excellent backers!  We are amazed and humbled by your confidence in us to build great bikes, and we will not let you down!

If you’ve been following our Kickstarter project, you know that we have a flex goal of $100,000 that, if we reach by next Tuesday, we will PUT BAMBOO BOTTLE CAGES ON EVERYONE’S FRAMES/BIKES!

But we need your help to do it, and here’s how:

How To Help Us Break $100,000:


#1: Share this project with EVERYONE and help us get more backers!  

This is the most important thing you can do–spread the word however you can!

Email, text, phone calls, and in-person are all great ways! Below (again) is a great example of how to do it on social media.

Also, here’s the short link to the Kickstarter to share with

#2: Use these AWESOME PICTURES to lure your friends

We just took some excellent photos of our Aluboo production samples last week–see them all here.  Below are some samples–they’re great ‘bike porn’ for recruiting your friends to pledge on Kickstarter for their very own Aluboo!

#3: Pledge (If You Haven’t Already) or Upgrade Your Current Pledge!

Have you been on the fence?  Time to take the dive and pledge for an Aluboo–your window to take advantage of these great Kickstarter specials and prices (15-20% below retail) is quickly closing!

Have you pledged already?  Consider an upgrade!

Are you a frameset backer lusting after a complete bike? DO IT! You won’t be disappointed

Maybe you’re a Single Speed pledgee looking for some more gears?  A commuter looking for something more deluxe?  Fear not–we’ve got two brand new builds for you!



Check them out on the project and upgrade today!

#4: Add Some Accessories!

Have you pledged already?  Thank you!

But maybe you are a Single Speed pledgee who wants a Gates belt drive system instead of that greasy chain?  Want to add bamboo fenders to your Commuter?  Are you an Early-ish Backer and lusting after some paint for your aluminum?! UP YOUR PLEDGE!

Here’s how:

1) Go to ‘Manage Your Pledge’

2) Add $90 for paint on your aluminum; $180 for Gates Carbon belt drive (on non-belt bikes); $180 for bamboo fenders

Gates Carbon Drive Belt System: +$180

Bamboo fenders: +$180

And, Finally, THANK YOU EVERYONE! Let’s Finish This Right!

The Aluboo dream is becoming a reality thanks to our Aluboo fam–we are humbled by your amazing show of support. We are so excited to build these bikes

But the ride’s not over yet–let’s finish this with a bang and break $100K–we know with your help we can do it!


The Aluboo Crew



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